Condo Remediation Kit (condo or apartment)


NOTE 1:  If your home has extra EMF challenges (Solar Panels or very close to a cell tower, power lines, electric transformer) then get one extra EMF Commander Box (for a total of 2 on the home) and install parallel to each other.

NOTE 2:  If you have multiple beds or other major appliances (Wi-Fi, fan if near your bed, or a microwave oven IF you use it) then get additional Better ZZZ’s or Appliance Harmonizers as needed.



  • Condos use two Master Plugs to harmonize the vibration of outdoor WiFi sources including SMART Meters and ‘dirty electricity’ between 4,000 – 100,000 Hz. This kit also comes with an Appliance Harmonizer to attach on any electrical cord of your router and a Better ZZZ to harmonize you bed.
  • Each additional bed would need a Better ZZZ and each additional WiFi device including Apple TV, Direct TV, WiFi printer, etc. would get use additional Appliance Harmonizers for each direct source. 
  • If your condo has Solar Panels or is electric verses gas, you will want to get two additional Master Plugs.
  • Make sure there are no beds directly on the opposite side of a wall where there is a refrigerator or other major appliance.

Install Instructions:

Plug-In-Rest Install Instructions:

Just install the four Plug-In-Rests by plugging each into an outlet.  Plug one in each bedroom then the others spread around the condo (or apartment or home) in places where people spend the most time.  Two FYI’s:  1.  If you have extra EMF challenges (next to a cell tower, electric transformer, or have solar) then buy 3 to 4 Master Plugs instead, along with Appliance Harmonizer for Wi-Fi’s and Better ZZZ’s for bed(s).  2.  The Plugs all work best directly in an outlet as opposed to in a power strip or extension cord.

Appliance Harmonizer Install Instructions:

Better ZZZ’s Install Instructions:


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