EMF Necklace


All stones are different, unique and one of a kind.

We now offer an alternative to the EMF Patch and the EMF Patch XL!  All stones and/or crystals are tested to remediate EMF’s.  They vary in strength but they are generally almost as strong as the EMF Patches.

Each necklace crystal or stone is pretty and comes with either chain that you choose…so when you call please pick one of these three possible chains with your crystal pendant:

  1. Sterling Silver 18 inch chain
  2. Stainless Steel longer chain (usually approx 26″)
  3. Gold (plated) longer chain (usually approx 28″)

To order please call…since there are many stone or crystal shapes and sizes.  They almost all look different.  It takes us hours to test crystals or stones to find the few that can be used as products to remediate EMF’s for these necklaces.  We encourage you to muscle test them to verify for yourself (for those that know how to test that way)!

The included picture is one example.  Your necklace is likely to look completely different.



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