Grounding Bag


This Grounding Bag grounds, repels EMF and recharges you. It is filled with 1lb. of hand-mined, pink Tesla Crystals. You will not find these crystals sold anywhere else. They have the most incredible medicinal qualities. The more bags in your home or office the better. We recommend putting at 3 bags/2000sf. on your bathroom tile floor. Tile is a better conductor than wood or carpet. We also recommend putting one Grounding  Bag in or under your bed close to an injury or challenged area. Make sure to carry one bag whereever you go, especially when near cell towers. The closer this Grounding Bag is to your body, the stronger protection and healing capacity. It lets off a negative ionic charge to heal and recharge you. It complements all our other products and is a must have. If you were to only purchase one product, this is the one.


Faraday Bag with Tesla Crystals inside.




This is the only colloid Crystal sold anywhere. It is hand-mined and emits the most powerful healing frequency. 4G & 5G de-charge our body and teeth. That leads to a long list of health challenges. EMF also disrupts Sleep. This Grounding Bag will allow you to have the best sleep ever. It heals you and repels EMF. It is the most incredible product. They are sold in doctors clinics all throughout California to Colorado. For the people that can feel Energy, you will not want to put this Grounding Bag down.


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