Home Remediation Kit (for entire house)


  • Remediate EMF’s in your entire home for a super low cost.
  • Comes with instructions.  Installs easily in a few minutes.
  • Includes 1 Commander Box, 1 Better ZZZ’s, and 1 Appliance Harmonizer.
  • Remediates EMF issues including:  one Wi-Fi router, your electric “Smart” Meter, EMF’s from outside of home (ex: neighbor’s Smart Meter), “dirty electricity” (between 4,000 to 100,000 Hz), one bed, and nearly all appliances inside of home including TV’s, CFL’s & other polarizing lights, refrigerator, etc.


Installing these products can be life changing for you and your family so if you are installing yourself please take two short minutes to read these instructions and hints below, and to watch the 30 to 60 second video instructions below.

NOTE 1:  If your home has extra EMF challenges (Solar Panels or very close to a cell tower, power lines, electric transformer) then get one additional EMF Commander Box (for a total of 2 on the home) and install parallel to each other.  See installation example picture below.

NOTE 2: If you have multiple beds then get additional Better ZZZ’s at $44.95 each.  If you have multiple Wi-Fi routers or other major appliances (fan or A/C unit near your bed, or a microwave oven that you use) it’s ideal to get additional Appliance Harmonizers for $39.95 as needed.


(installs in 30 seconds)

If your Electric “Smart” Meter does NOT have one or more accessible pipes (coming into or out of the meter box) then see Option #2 – the video instruction below called “EMF Installation Instruction – if no pipe is available”.  This video is STEP 1 – OPTION 2 BELOW

STEP 2:  Install Appliance Harmonizer on Wi-Fi Device (in 10 seconds)
STEP 3: INSTALL BETTER ZZZ’s in 10 seconds
STEP 1: OPTION #2 = Installation of Comm. Box if NO PIPE IS AVAILABLE

(Read disclaimer below – we recommend using a professional to install this way!!)

WARNING (Disclaimer) – We recommend using a contractor, handy-man, or licensed professional for this installation.  We are NOT responsible for results if you drill into your home.  A professional gave us this advice above and we’ve seen numerous clients and licensed professionals BOTH do this with ease and successfully, but we still must say do it yourself at your own risk (since we are not licensed contractors!)


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