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Grounded by Nature

The best gift, is the gift of a deep, uninterrupted night's sleep. Our Grounding Bags give you that benefit. Sleep is when we produce melatonin and other hormones to repair and restore our life force. When we get into a deeper Delta brainwave state of 1-4Hz or waves/second, that is when the dreams become vivid and the highest production of melatonin occurs. Unfortunately, the invisible stressors of man-made electricity, dirty electricity, and wireless (Wifi) signals prevent us from getting into that deep restorative sleep. The speed of their waves is up to 10 zeros (billions) faster than how we sleep, rev, and optimize. Their positive charge is the polar opposite of our negative ionic charge. So, our brain attempts to figure out what is pinging it all night and we go into what we call, a twilight sleep.

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