The California Department of Public Health found high use of cell phones links to:

  1. “Brain cancer and tumors of the acoustic nerve (for hearing & maintaining balance) and salivary glands.”
  2. “Lower sperm counts and inactive or less mobile sperm (reproductive challenges).”
  3. “Headaches and effects on learning and memory, hearing, behavior and sleep.”
1 Myth:
Cell phones are meant to put directly against your ear.
It is more of a cultural habit. All new cell phones have warning recommendations to keep the phone at least a few inches from your head/ear when using. The last safety standards were made in 1996.
There is no proven link to cell phones and brain cancer.
There is enough evidence to list cell phone radiation as a ‘Class 2B’ possible carcinogen.
3 Myth:
5g is necessary for better faster coverage.
5g is a millimeter wave that is about 1 trillion waves per second. It has a similar effect as a microwave strength that is not contained and is placed outside your home. We have good and fast enough coverage now! Any stronger signals will destroy our health faster than ever.
We are just getting started.

Did you know that FRANCE Banned WiFi in Elementary Schools about 3 years ago? German, Spanish and Russian governments all also have recommendations to ban WiFi from schools due to potential health challenges.

We do not adapt to man-made EMF,
it just causes cell and DNA damage.

Brain Damage by Cell Phone
2 Minutes on a cell phone with our Grounding Bag.
Brain Damage by Cell Phone
2 Minutes on Cell Phone with no protection.
Women’s ovaries absorb 10X more radiation than any other part of the body. Studies show that major damage will show in 3 generations and it will be irreversible in 6 generations.

Germans found that only ’24 hours of EMF exposure’ can cause more DNA cell damage than 1,600 chest x-rays.

Can you say WOW?!

Do we really need your WiFi router on all night? Do you have to have your phones on and the WiFi searching for a signal when you are sleeping?

If you sleep with one eye open…or don’t sleep at all, we have the solutions for you.

Self Induced?

Cell phone On, WiFi On, SMART Meter On, Wireless Printer On, WiFi Boosters On in every bed room.

This EMF is not just a Cell phone & WiFi challenge. It also includes electricity. So Electric cars and Solar Panels are polarizing to our body. Both are massive batteries. They are below you in your car or above you in your home. Radar, Cell Towers, Cell Boosters, computers and anything Wireless, all cause a vibration that leads to cell damage. The young (pregnancy to age 24) and elderly (65 and up) are the most susceptible to harm. The blood brain barrier is not fully developed so any pregnant woman should not speak on a cell phone nor be near a WiFi signal for the first two trimesters of pregnancy. And they should never drive in an electric car.

Getting rid of the stress is the best recommendation.

When we can’t avoid technology, ground and repel it!

Challenges and Solutions

We call our products and this site EMFRocks because God made crystals that carry frequencies to repel and ground the polarizing effects of man-made EMF. We use these amazing crystals. Our crystals are hand-mined to preserve the quality. They are colloid, Tesla crystals that have been compressed with water for ever. We keep them sealed to preserve their power. This is the only wet (not wet to touch, compressed with water) crystal sold anywhere.


Be On The Look Out

1. Where is your home SMART Meter located in reference to you or your kids beds? Does your neighbors SMART Meter line up with the head of your bed or your child’s bed?
2. Can you see a cell tower from your home or office?
3. Is there a cell tower near or above your work, school, church or mall?
4. Is your router adjacent to your desk top computer?
5. Do you sleep with your phone On?
6. Do you drive an electric car?
7. Do you drive a new car? They are all cross wired and emit tons of polarizing frequencies.
8. Do you have the back of someone else’s computer facing you or your back at work?
9. Do you have a baby monitor?
10. Does your child’s school or church have a hidden cell tower in the cross, flag pole or clock?
11. Do you work with a Lap Top in your lap?
12. We suggest to turn your WiFi off when not using.
13. Do your own research and check out the EMF videos on


Satisfied Clients

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Dr. Steve Dreyer, D.C.

dr-cohn“The instant I put a Grounding Bag under my desk, I felt an immediate calming sensation in my office.”

Dr. Howard Cohn, D.C.

Jack-Mantione“The Grounding Bag has made a significant difference for me in repelling all the polarizing vibrations of the wireless signals around my life in NYC.”

Dr. Jack Mantione, P.T.