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Did you know that France banned WiFi?

Did you know that France banned WiFi in elementary schools about 5 years ago? German, Spanish, and Russian governments all also have recommendations to ban WiFi from schools due to potential health challenges. SpaceX and others are on schedule to launch 1 Million satellites beaming 5G to the world.

This will be devastating to our population and environment. It will become a bigger environmental toxin than Glyphosate. Our Grounding Bags are now a “necessity” to sleep and heal.

We do not adapt to man-made EMF, it just causes cell and DNA damage.

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Damien Christensen

Damien Christensen

August 01, 2023

Purchased the Grounding bags on human garage live video and immediately was intrigued as I’ve know about EMF since in my 20’s as I’m 47 now and curing my lung disease immediately purchased the products. The first night my wife and I put the grounding bags under the pillows and one on the WiFi router and what a huge improvement in our sleep! It’s been a week and every night gets better sleep, same with the faraday bags and when holding my phone I can feel the EMF from the phone. This is a real deal product and it definitely works, bravo to you and your family for doing this for mine and anyone else!

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