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The ATHLETICISM book will bring you actual programs and protocols the pros use.

Grounded By Nature Book

Over the past 25-plus years, I have worked with amateur and professional athletes on their health and performance through my Athleticism company.

Faraday Bags are military-grade. Put your phone in it to protect it from the invisible, polarizing 4G and 5G millimeter waves of your phone. Many say this is their favorite product.

Here are things you should know about Man-Made EMF

ATHLETICISM Whole Body + Whole Brain = Performance Book

Roots to one of the key pioneers in sports performance, Justin Frandson, explores the three pillars of performance and ATHLETICISM. These methods have been proven with amateur and professional athletes and teams in most major sports for several decades. The ATHLETICISM book will bring you actual programs and protocols the pros use. We know all the tools the pros use, but this book exposes in-depth intricacies to it at an entirely new level.

Justin explains the intangibles of performance and how to achieve the flow state for excellence. He teaches how to build a solid foundation to grow upon. He uses actual mathematic equations to prove systems. He even backs it out to proper intake to fuel human performance. He reviles the most significant component of Figure 8 in brain entrainment, coordination development, accuracy, and power. This is the one book you wish you had to gain a competitive advantage during competition. If you are a young athlete, this book will genuinely elevate your game to a new dimension.

"The Grounding Bag is like walking barefoot in a bag."

Justin Frandson, Founder of EMF Rocks.

Man-made EMF has a positive ionic charge. This positive charge is the opposite of ours and de-charges our eyes, teeth, thymus, and large intestine. The earth, ocean, and humans have a negative ionic charge. To use the Grounding Bags to recharge your body, place one hand on the area (eyes) while the other taps the Grounding Bag. It is an Applied Kinesiology technique to recharge that area. It will 10X most people's energy within one minute.

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How are they Superior?

Moisture compressed Tesla Crystals
Hand-mined hot sealed to preserve the integrity
Natural earth resonance


Improve Cognitive Capacity & Well-Being
Reduce Stress, Inflammation & Degeneration

"EMF Rocks is an innovative solution."

Dr. Tom Cowan

"It should be no surprise to anyone that natural protection from man-made electromagnetic fields would come from the earth itself. EMF Rocks is an innovative solution, using natural crystals found in the earth to help protect ourselves from the harmful effects of EMF exposure. I use them in my house, office, car and everywhere I go."