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Please keep it sealed and use it as-is. Keep it out of extreme heat. Put it on or under your bed for a deeper nights sleep. Put 3-5 Grounding Bags together on the floor to clear 2000sf.  Put 3-5 in an electric car. Put 1 under each seat. You can travel with it and use it on the go. 

It will last for years as long as you keep it sealed and out of excess heat. When the rocks are no longer solid and turn to dust it's time to buy a new one. As the signal strength increases, you may consider adding more bags as needed. Remember we are solving a physics challenge. The more mass of the mine you can compile, the more benefit you will receive.

You do not have to re-ground the Grounding Bag. We do recommend re-grounding the Mini Grounding Bag every month. Just put it outside on the grass or ground for a minute.

We hand-mine our Tesla crystals. They have been compressed with water from an underground water source forever. They have moisture content in them along with magnetic properties that help repel and ground EMF. They are not wet to touch but will dry out when unsealed. These carry a stronger frequency to repel EMF than Shungite, Amathyst, or all others. Dr. Barre Lando's Wave Form Test corrected 90% markers on one of his patients. It is simply remarkable.

Yes. The shipping will be a lot higher.

Yes. They are the industry leaders in Homeopathic pharmacies and have been in business for over 75 years. We also sell them at doctor clinics throughout the country.

Yes, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. They work that well.