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Natures Gift of Frequency Healing

The best gift, is the gift of a deep, uninterrupted night's sleep. Our Grounding Bags give you that benefit. Sleep is when we produce melatonin and other hormones to repair and restore our life force. When we get into a deeper Delta brainwave state of 1-4Hz or waves/second, that is when the dreams become vivid and the highest production of melatonin occurs. Unfortunately, the invisible stressors of man-made electricity, dirty electricity, and wireless (Wifi) signals prevent us from getting into that deep restorative sleep. The speed of their waves is up to 10 zeros (billions) faster than how we sleep, rev, and optimize. Their positive charge is the polar opposite of our negative ionic charge. So, our brain attempts to figure out what is pinging it all night and we go into what we call, a twilight sleep.

Our Grounding Bags are the most incredible, organic solution. These hand-mined crystals have been Wave Form Tested, pH tested, blood tested, mold tested, muscle tested, doctor tested and more to prove their undeniable benefits. There is not one other product on the market with Colloid crystals that carry moisture content and magnetic properties that significantly repel EMF, ground, recharge you, and facilitate healing. We have metered countless homes, found all the invisible stressors, and developed these solutions for you. We educate how to manage proximity to them, however our products are designed for us to be able to coexist with them. Thank you for joining and supporting our community of aware lovers of our planet, who chose to live healthy and free. We know you and your pets will thrive and feel so grounded with our products. Blessings and gratitude to you!

In this insightful episode, Dr. Greg Eckel interviews Justin Frandson, an athleticism performance coach and founder ofAthleticism andEMF Rocks. They dive into the fascinating world of neurology, EMFs, concussions, and the incredible impact of grounding with crystals on our health and performance.
  • 2 min read
This is a third party, independent doctor test for three months using EMF Rocks Grounding Bags. I used my Oura Ring, that I have consistently used and tracked my sleep with for years. The test was conducted in my home in an environment that was consistent. I knew my levels of deep sleep entering this test. I used no other sleep aid during this 90 day period.
  • 4 min read