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How to use your Grounding Bag?

Please read the instruction to understand how to use your Grounding Bags.

  1. Use the Grounding Bags as-is. Keep them sealed to preserve their moisture and magnetic properties that repel EMF. 
  2. Keep them out of extreme heat for extended periods of time. 
  3. Put one at the head of your bed, either on or under. When under, lean it against the leg of the bed. The closer to you the better. 
  4. Put one on or under your desk. When under, lean it against the leg of the desk.
  5. Compile 5 together on the floor to clear an entire 2,000sf home or office. Tile, wood or cement is best. Carpet still works well. The more Grounding Bags you can compile or the more of the mass of the mine of these healthy frequencies together, the more seamlessly they combat the polarizing effect of the man-made millimeter waves.
  6. Homes with solar, we recommend a 5-7 Grounding Bags together and one on or under each bed.
  7. Electric cars require 6 together and one under each seat. You are sitting on a major battery.
  8. Upon traveling with them you can put them in a check-in bag. When you carry them on, please take the inner brown bag out of the decorative cloth and silver bags. X-rays cannot see through the silver bag. Once through the x-ray, tap on the brown bag 10 times before sealing it back in the silver bag. Do the same with the Mini Grounding Bag.

Recharge Your Self Home Care

Your eyes, teeth, thymus and small intestine get de-charged from man-made EMF. Use this Applied Kinesiology technique to re-charge your body and specific areas.

Place the Grounding Bag on your lap and tap on it for 20 seconds to about 10X your energy.
Tap on the Grounding Bag with one hand for 20 seconds, while the other covers any one of the four area; eyes, teeth, thymus or small intestine. Do all areas, one at a time.
Repeat as much as needed. You cannot get enough good.

How to use your Mini Grounding Bags?

Please read the instructions below to use the Mini Grounding Bags.

  1. Use as-is and keep sealed. You can take the outer tags off.
  2. Put in your purse, pocket or backpack for on-the-go protection
  3. Ground your Mini Grounding Bag a few times a month by taking it outside and putting it on the ground for about 1 minute.

How to use your Faraday Bag?

Please read the instruction to understand how to use your Faraday Bag.

  1. Put your phone or electronic device in it to protect you from your phone. It protects your phone from an electromagnetic pulse and information getting stolen. 
  2. Newer phones require two Faraday Bags doubled up to protect against contact tracing and your location showing up on a map.
  3. To normalize the charge of your phone do this protocol at night. Charge your phone. Once charged, take your phone outside and put it on the ground, to ground it for about a minute. Then bring it back inside and seal it in the Faraday Bag over night. The next morning your phone will have a normalized charge until you plug it into an outlet.