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EMF, Thyroid and Hormone Balance: How Electro Waves Throw Off Your Body

  • 1 min read

In continuing our week of biohacking tools where you can uplevel your health, this episode we are talking all about EMF's and how they can throw off your body's balance and what you can do about it!

Dive into the unseen waves that ripple through your home, as we unbox the silent disruptor in our midst – electromagnetic fields (EMFs). This episode, titled "EMF, Thyroid and Hormone Balance: How Electro Waves Throw Off Your Body," brings my expert guest Justin Frandson here to unravel the complex interplay between our environment's invisible forces and our health. Together, we're shedding light on the overlooked aspects of fatigue and energy balance, dissecting the impact of EMFs on our thyroid function, hormones, and overall well-being.

As we open your mind to this concept, you'll grasp the significance of grounding - not just metaphorically but literally - with straightforward solutions like grounding bags that mimic the earth's negative charge. You’ll hear a compelling discussion on how EMF exposure, particularly from our ever-evolving tech-scape, could potentially throw your body off-kilter, from disrupting sleep patterns to glucose levels. Justin isn't here to alarm you, just to equip you with knowledge and tangible strategies to coexist with modern marvels while safeguarding your health. Tune in to decode the mysteries of EMFs, understand the symbiosis of our biology with the environment, and revive your body's innate power to heal amidst the buzz of the technological age.

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