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Unlocking Better Sleep and Wellness in the Digital Age With Justin Frandson

  • 1 min read

This episode from SoFi Stadium features David Meltzer as co-hosts with Shawn and Lacey, alongside their guest, performance coach Justin Frandson. They start the conversation discussing the impact of non-native electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) on sleep quality and overall health. Frandson highlights the importance of aligning our brainwave states with the earth's natural resonance for optimal rest and recovery. He shares insights into how modern devices disrupt this harmony, affecting our health at various levels. The discussion then veers into practical solutions for mitigating EMF exposure, particularly through grounding bags, to restore natural sleep patterns and enhance overall well-being. Additional topics include the significance of deep sleep for information reception, hydration for cell health, and understanding our bodies' need for natural alignment in a high-tech world.

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