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Deep Sleep

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Sleep is one of the most important functions of our body. Most will need up to 7-9 hours of deep quality, restorative sleep. Unless your brainwave state becomes low and slow at 1 or below 1 to 8 Hz or waves per second, you do not get that restorative sleep necessary for health and performance. The pineal gland helps you get the melatonin release along with other repair properties. Your brain processes physical and emotional events through the limbic and reptilian brains, leading to the Neocortex, the highest level of brain function of processing. When you can get to the neocortex, you will get into a deep sleep.

Do you have a relationship with your subconscious mind that has 90-98% of your reality? Not many talk about clearing emotional holding patterns. When your conscious meets the subconscious, you can breakthrough. Sleep will improve along with overall health.

Having a clear conscious will help you get a deep sleep. Next is to clear out any other invisible stressors from electricity, dirty electricity, and wireless radiation. Turn your wireless devices to airplane mode, then off. Get your routers on a timer. Convert your SMART Meter to analog. If you have to have solar, do not put the panels over your bed. Put them in the back or side yard and have the batterie off the home. Check the wiring with a meter. Load up on Grounding Bags for your bed and home. The cumulative benefits of at least 3% deeper sleep per night are massive for continued health, cognitive function, and performance.

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