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Convert Your SMART Meter To Analog

  • 2 min read

A SMART Meter is your new Gas & Electric meter that is now a two-way router. The Gas & Electric companies have cut thousands of jobs and saved millions on not having someone go check your usage. Instead, this SMART meter reads every device in your home and reports it back to the Gas & Electric company every 7-15 seconds with millimeter waves. Not only is the speed of the millimeter wave ten zeros faster than how we sleep and optimize, this sporadic pulse is highly disruptive to our body and environment. How so?

  1. SMART Meters early on caught on fire. Now they are conductors in the SMART grid Internet of Things. So your SMART meter becomes a mini cell site and your home takes on a polarizing, positive charge.
  2. The SMART Meters are about 2.45 Billion waves/second. When we sleep our brainwave state is 1-8Hz or waves/second.
  3. The SMART Meters pick up frequencies of nuclear power plants to cell sites. Fires are now turning electrical and burning hotter due to this grid.
  4. The Gas & Electric company knows exactly when you are home and what you are using.
  5. Energy usage goes up to power the SMART Meter.
  6. Your Cost of electricity rises with the SMART Meter
  7. A man-made millimeter wave causes temperature to increase, that is why governments tested for thermal effects. This increase in heat is dehydrating our environment. This is yet another cause for increased fires.
  8. The funding from the government means they get to access all your usage information.
  9. They can monitor and control every device in your home, turning it on or off at will. They will use a digital or credit currency. This was the start of digital and credit currency from the federal banks.
  10. Every client we know that sleeps near a SMART meter, has the worst sleep. We have seen it everything from seizures to grinding your teeth to nothing and more.

The SMART meter has lost some of its conversation due to so many small cell sites and satellites going up, but it is arguably one of the worst things to have on your home for your health and safety. 

Check out Josh Del Sol’s documentary movie, Take Back You Power. His movie will reaffirm why you should opt out of your SMART meter. Call your Gas & Electric company and say, “I would like to opt-out of my SMART meter and convert it back to analog.” It must be analog. They say they have new SMART meters that only read once in a while. That is not what you want. You want analog only. Once they install the analog meter, take a picture so they do not change it back. They have been known to change them without you knowing and still charge you. The cost is a one-time $75 and only $10/month for three years. It is very feasible and will again save on your electricity costs.

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