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Protect Your Kids From EMF

  • 2 min read
Yes, if you haven’t already, we will see signs of health challenges and cognitive imbalances with our kids being exposed to such high levels of EMF. The cumulative levels are where it gets elevated to an entirely whole new concern. These unprecedented times require massive awareness to deal with all the various invisible stressors of EMF. These measures we are proposing, are for us today and for our kids, kids, and future generations.

Dr. Martin Pall state that our kids, kids will be the first to see DNA changes. The 1st trimester of pregnancy is where Mom’s need to completely protect themselves and their fetus from EMF. That means zero cell phone time. Hardwire your home so your wifi is not always on. Opt-out of your SMART meter and convert it to analogue. Go barefoot outside and have Grounding Bags near you. Make your home the quietest and healthiest. There are too many late-term deaths. One family had three successful, healthy kids and late in 3rd trimester, they added solar to their home. The fetus died in a few days with a late-term miscarriage. Solar in homes causes massive dirty electricity.

A fetus has zero protection and our kids have minimal protection. Their skulls are not fully developed until they are 24. The eggs in females absorb 10X the amount of radiation than any part of our body. Guys sperm count will plummet. This will ultimately affect their ability to reproduce.

Sleep is where all the healing takes place. Make sure to put at least one Grounding Bag on or under your bed and your kid's bed. This will help facilitate a deeper, uninterrupted night's sleep. “My kids stopped waking up and coming in my room since we put Grounding Bags on their beds.” Jill, Houston, Texas. We get countless testimonials like this one. The Grounding Bags repel EMF, ground, recharge you, and heal. Make your home a healthy home and protect your kids from the invisible stressors of man-made EMF with proximity to the stressors and using our Grounding Bags.

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