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Want a Deeper Sleep?

  • 2 min read
Sleep is one of the most loaded topics. We have figured it out and want to share our recipe with you. Let’s first understand the science behind sleep. When we are in a Delta, rapid eye movement (REM) deep, dream-state sleep, our brain waves are 1 – 4Hz or waves/second. We sleep, rev, and optimize at low Hertz or waves per second.

Everything, including light and sound, travels in waves. When there is the stressor of light at night when you sleep, your body does not produce melatonin and other hormones to help you rejuvenate fully. That is why you want a dark room at night. That is also why you want to wear blue light blocker glasses. When it is light and you have screen time with more blue light, your body thinks it is day time and will not produce the restorative hormones needed to detox and heal.

The same is true for man-made, millimeter waves from WIFI, cell site, SMART Meters, and more. Those are a positive charge that is 10 zeros faster than how we sleep. So put all wireless signals on airplane mode and turn them off at night. Opt-out of your SMART Meter, converting it to analog. Make your room dark and sleep on your back or sides. Have the temperature on the cooler side, but not too hot or cold.

The Grounding Bags bring you back to the negative ionic charge of the earth. That is the healing pulse of the earth. They work so well at repelling EMF and grounding you and your home. This grounding, repelling, and recharging will allow you to get into that deeper REM sleep, where all the major restoration takes place.

Put 1 Grounding Bag on or under your bed to clear your bed directly of any excess EMF. Make sure to have an additional 3 -5 Grounding Bags in one pile on your bathroom floor. This will clear your home. Also, have one on or under your desk. Watch your energy and productivity increase as your sleep dramatically improves. Even protect yourself from electric cars and take a Grounding Bag with you.

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