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Th 17 Cells

  • 1 min read

Many doctors even Toby Watkinson, DC in San Diego are saying that EMF directly effects your Th 17 cells. Those are your Thymus helper cells that are a major part of your immune system. When the Thymus is de-charged from EMF, the Th 17 cells become compromised, and so do you. Your body then becomes a gateway for health challenges.

The Thymus is the electric system for your body. All living organisms have a living collective tissue matrix that makes our electro magnetic field different than the man-made millimeter waves and other man-made electricity. Being able to keep your negative ionic charge is a pillar for continued health.

You can walk barefoot or swim in the ocean to feed your body with the proper negative ionic charge. You can also use our Grounding Bags, as we hand-mine crystals that have moisture and magnetic properties giving you the electrons needed from this negative charge. With the increasing levels of EMF in our world, getting grounded by nature is the #1 way to ensure your health. It is now a necessity. It is also the first step to regaining your health because it is very challenging to heal when you loose your negative ionic charge and your electrical system is compromised.

Get grounded by nature with our Grounded Bags to repel EMF, recharge and sleep deep.

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