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Data Harvesting

  • 2 min read
One of the biggest threats to our health and freedom is the rate of data harvesting. All companies have tracking markers anywhere between 1-15 on each app. All your favorite apps are pulling all your data. Even your banks are harvesting. Here is the short list of what your bank is grabbing.

Bank account balances, passwords, finger prints, face print, credit cards, voice, iris, sleep, attitude, behavior, intelligence, transcripts, social security number, drivers license number, passport number and more genetic, physiological and behavioral markers. Not only are they harvesting, but other devices are reporting on your device.

How do we slow this down? Cyber experts recommend to stop using the six specific companies and their products. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Apple and Microsoft. Did we shock you? This is like being told 30 years ago that wheat is clogging your system and you can’t eat it any more. The good news is there are many other platforms that you can substitute your use without being tracked. Use Brave browser, Use Jitsi video chat for double encrypted, call through Signal app. Those are just a few suggestions to get you started.

This data can be aggregated and organized through artificial intelligence. Once someone controls what goes in you, they can control you. Once they have all your passwords and banking information, they can control the release of it.

The purpose of this blog is to let you get in front of what is already transpiring. In addition to using different companies apps, browsers, and technology, using our Faraday Bags will help slow the grab. Cell phone batteries are meant to last for about 10 days. With the excess data grabbing, they can run out in a few hours. So, put your phone in your new Faraday Bag to help your battery last longer and slow the harvesting. You need two Faraday Bags doubled up to prevent your cell phone location for not showing up on the map.

Even though our Faraday Bags are military grade and 7ml, signals do go in and out of them. There is Physics at work where the bad of a cell phone gets quieted down. The Faraday Bag protects you from your phone and you phone from an electromagnetic pulse. It also protects information from being stolen.

Let’s use our awareness to protect our bodies and assets. Make sure to get grounded by nature.

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