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EMF & Mold / Fungus

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Dr. Klinghardt is known for his research in finding that mold and micro toxins are charged by man-made EMF. You will hear it first from us, that the next strain of viral infections are coming in the form of mold and fungal. Let’s understand more about how this all works and ties in with our Grounding Bags as a major part of your solution.

Current viral studies show specifically that a virus is a dead protein that we produce ourselves to adapt to toxins. When many get sick at the same time, it means that there is a toxin in our environment or air.

Tom Cowan, MD said it best, “If you were studying dolphins and they all got sick…the logical question would be, Who polluted the water?” Well, for us it is who polluted the air? We already know who polluted our water (rainwater) with glyphosate for 30 years. We should also recognize the other invisible toxin of increased radiation in our atmosphere from the Internet of Things, including 5G.

Now it is about understanding that our earth and we are both made up of viruses, fungus, and bacteria. Zach Bush, MD says there are “10 to the 31 viruses in us and around us at all times”. You cannot hide from a virus, our bodies will just adapt when they need to. They will adapt to the tune of the level of our health. We would not be in existence for over 100 million years if we did not have these adaptive qualities. Our planet would not be here for billions of years if it did not have these adaptive qualities.

Unfortunately, we are not taught much in school about biology or physics (frequencies and/or waveforms), which is exactly what this science is based on. To simplify it in laymen’s terms, our air is essentially an electromagnetic blanket in air and plasma. Everything travels in waves and particles. When there is either a cosmic shift in our atmosphere or a man-made shift in the electrification of our globe, our bodies will do their best to adapt, which is what we are seeing today. Arthur Firstenberg categorizes all the major pandemics in the history of our existence in his book, The Invisible Rainbow. In 1918, The Spanish Flu introduced Radio Waves. During the Hong Kong Flu, we launched satellites in the Van Ellen Belt. In WWII we launched radar. These were significantly massive shifts in our electromagnetic blanket or atmosphere. We are dealing with the prolific 5G rollout.

The new viral fungus strain is what will be talked about in the future, typical winter flu seasons. It will be charged by EMF and the 5G rollout, similar to Dr. Klinghardt’s work showing mold and micro toxins. As they continue to launch new satellites beaming 5G on us closer than any satellite, people will adapt. When you have your Grounding Bags and do your earthing, you will be able to maintain your vitality and health. You will also be able to keep your negative ionic charge, maintaining your life force.

When you convert the waveform of EMF from polarized to healthy, with our Grounding Bags, you will see a pronounced upgrade in your health and energy. Mold and fungus challenges are less likely to consume your body. Let’s use the gifts of getting Grounded By Nature to help us keep our vitality up. Through this, let’s keep our negative ionic charge to normalized the mold and fungus levels. Your body, connected with the innate gifts of Mother Earth, consists of the most powerful healing properties.

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