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Justin Frandson on the Your Infinite Health

  • 1 min read

Justin Frandson is an athleticism performance coach with a forward-thinking approach. He founded, a platform through which he has dedicated his expertise to enhancing the performance of both amateur and professional athletes. Specializing in nerve work and concussion treatment, Justin's approach to sports performance is both holistic and innovative.

Justin's acute observational skills led to a groundbreaking revelation about a decade ago when he identified a correlation between the deterioration of athletes' physical well-being and the use of wearable technology. His intuitive diagnosis was prompted by an encounter with a robust athlete who complained of wrist pain, which, to Justin's astute assessment, was attributed to the smartwatch emitting radiation.

They tackle the hidden toll of AI on personal freedoms and health with a critical eye, scrutinizing the massive data collection and potential behavior manipulation. Safeguarding our well-being in the digital age is paramount, and we discuss not just the problems, but also the practical solutions.

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