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Millimeter Waves

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Millimeter waves, also known as extremely high frequency (EHF), is a band of radio frequencies that is well suited for 5G networks. Compared to the frequencies below 5 GHz or 5 billion waves per second, previously used by mobile devices, millimeter wave technology allows transmission on frequencies between 30 GHz and 300 GHz. They are touting the 5G at 60-90 GHz or billion waves/sec.

These frequencies are called millimeter waves because they have wavelengths between 1 mm and 10 mm, while the wavelengths of the radio waves currently used by smartphones are mostly several dozen centimeters. The updates are for speed and transmitting data, or in other words, surveillance marketing.

Previously only radar systems and satellites use millimeter waves. Telecom have departments working on parts to patent so you can still use a screen, because the millimeter waves are so strong would disrupt it.

It is a massive jump from 4G to 5G and now to see that they are talking about going up to 3X 5G in the future. Now you know why we are so passionate about sharing this information and teaching all how to stay protected.

Time to get develop some proximity protocols when using technology. Get outside and get grounded by nature. When inside, use your Grounding Bags to create a coherence in your environment.

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