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Protect The Kids

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Protect The Kids One of our New Year’s declarations is to protect the kids for future generations. The kids are among the most sensitive to non-native EMF’s. They are still in developmental stages, including their skulls are not fully developed until about the age of 24. Since cognitive challenges are the first signs of EMF toxicity, let’s help them stay protected so that they can develop properly without the significant stressor of EMF. Plus, we want our kids to have kids of their own one day, so we will teach them proximity protocols.

Please consider always using the proximity protocols listed below. First, download all videos and music so the wireless device can be on airplane mode when in use: Hard-wire computer and wireless devices. Avoid allowing kids to put devices on their lap to protect their reproductive systems. Have them carry a Mini Grounding Bag in their pocket or backpack. Place a Grounding Bag on or under their bed, desk, and car seat. Avoid driving and especially buying electric cars. Women in the first trimester, avoid cell phone usage unless you have a Grounding Bag on you. Avoid all vaccines with heavy metals and disruptive preservatives. Make sure to have them play outside, touch trees, go barefoot, weather permitting and get into bodies of water, including rivers, lakes, or oceans. Use a Faraday Bag for cell phones. Put cell phones on airplane mode when not using them. Convert so-called smart meters to analogue. Turn all electricity off in the bedrooms at night. If not hard-wired, ensure the wifi is on an outlet timer so it turns off when sleeping. Last, keep all routers as far away from the kid's bedrooms and living space as possible.

Thank you for your awareness and for sharing this information with everyone. Happy New Year!

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