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The ATHLETICISM book will bring you actual programs and protocols the pros use.

Grounded By Nature Book

Over the past 25-plus years, I have worked with amateur and professional athletes on their health and performance through my Athleticism company.

Faraday Bags are military-grade. Put your phone in it to protect it from the invisible, polarizing 4G and 5G millimeter waves of your phone. Many say this is their favorite product.

Why EMF Rocks? Native vs. Non-Native EMF Protection

There is a simple analogy we like to use. Would you rather eat clean, organic food or GMO food? This is how we compare our natural, hand-mined crystals to our competitors' man-made devices attempting to keep up with man-made signals. We are looking at levels over 50 X 5G. How can we trust a man-made coil, device, copper with meshed crystals, stickers, or pendants to clear it? Our tests show non-native products do not work for very long and may not have a beneficial resonance at all.

We have found that no one does it better than mother nature. More crystals together emit a stronger resonance. So, the more mass of the mine you compile, the more protection you have. These are natural physics laws at work. The Schumann Resonance, or the healing pulse of the earth, is measured at about 7.83 Hz or waves per second. It is a negative ionic charge, where we pull the electrons to help keep our polarity. Thus allowing us to maintain our health.

Grounding out excess polarizing positive charges is so important; this is why we are designed to be one with nature. When one introduces a polarizing, one-directional, positive-charged waveform ten zeros faster than how we sleep, rev, and optimize, it is necessary to get grounded by nature as often as possible.

As Tom Cowan (former MD) says best, "It should be no surprise to anyone that natural electromagnetic frequency protection would come from the earth itself." This is why we looked to nature to solve this 5G and electricity challenging. You go outside during the day and touch a tree, go barefoot, have a picnic on the lawn, get in a body of water (river, lake, ocean), experience the sun, and breathe clean air. At night, when you are in your home, have at least one (1) Grounding Bag on your bed and five (5) together to clear 2,000sf of your home. You will get grounded by nature outside during the day and inside your home with the EMF Rocks Grounding Bags. This is how we stay grounded and protected from non-native EMFs.

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December 28, 2023

A year ago we purchased a large round “key” that is supposed to cover our apartment. The interesting thing is, that we can’t tell any difference. Now to be fair, we live in a six-plex in a beautiful wooded area near one of the great lakes. However, everyone in the building has a router or two, and MANY devices. (And there are other nearby buildings, too.) But this large round device is supposed to help if there is a cell tower nearby and we, fortunately, aren’t close — but it also means we usually operate with 2-3 bars max on our phones, and lower-level dwellers struggle to get reception. Our building now has a bank of 6 smart meters on the lower level. We do have a couple of your bags for our bedroom. Now I’m wondering if that large device doesn’t really work and if we’d be better off investing in more of your bags. Would we need even more bags because of being in an apartment than for a home? This is so frustrating. Also, will the bags last indefinitely if we keep them charged monthly? So many questions as we struggle to gain wellness while eating organically and doing all that we know to do.

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