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The ATHLETICISM book will bring you actual programs and protocols the pros use.

Grounded By Nature Book

Over the past 25-plus years, I have worked with amateur and professional athletes on their health and performance through my Athleticism company.

Faraday Bags are military-grade. Put your phone in it to protect it from the invisible, polarizing 4G and 5G millimeter waves of your phone. Many say this is their favorite product.

The EMF Lifestyle

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The sources of man-made EMF have been marketed to us as a healthy lifestyle. In every movie, you will see actors or actresses putting cell phones directly to their heads. Now they have ear pods, SMART Watches, Tesla’s and have multiple computers going at one time. Lap tops on laps, Alexa’s on desks make this appear socially savvy. Each device produces polarizing, invisible millimeter waves of about 2.45 billion waves per second. This is the exact speed that de-structures water. Please remember our bodies are comprised of over 80% water. The cumulative effect of these waves, slowly for most and quickly for some, chips away at your health.

We want to help all understand proximity relationships to these man-made millimeter waves and establish better boundaries with them. Get rid of electric cars especially Teslas, SMART watch, wearable technology, earbuds, and never allow kids to use them. Unplug the Alexa, wireless phones, and the Peloton when not using. Convert your SMART meter to analog. Do not sleep on the opposite wall of a SMART Meter or refrigerator. Put timers on all wireless devices including TVs, printers, and routers. These timers should turn the devices off when sleeping. Hard-wire your router to your computer. This will eliminate one stressor while you are working on your computer all day. Avoid using a cell phone when pregnant, especially the entire first trimester. Limit your use and app time on cell phones. These simple suggestions will dramatically improve your overall energy and vitality.

Even though our Grounding Bags convert a waveform from foreign to something our bodies accept, we tout keeping a proper distance to stressors and getting grounded by nature. The more Grounding Bags you can accumulate together, the bigger the frequency the products have to repel EMF, ground, and recharge you. We are teaching that these invisible millimeter waves carry a sound that meters can read. Our bodies and pets hear this sound as noise pollution. The more we can make our home and habits healthier, the longer we will be able to keep our life force up against the 1 million proposed satellites beaming 5G in the later form down on us from only 250 miles away. We will be able to convert this polarizing waveform and seamlessly adapt to the excessive cell site grid comprising of the internet of things. Let’s learn to co-exist with this technology and get grounded by nature, as it is not going away.

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