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The ATHLETICISM book will bring you actual programs and protocols the pros use.

Grounded By Nature Book

Over the past 25-plus years, I have worked with amateur and professional athletes on their health and performance through my Athleticism company.

Faraday Bags are military-grade. Put your phone in it to protect it from the invisible, polarizing 4G and 5G millimeter waves of your phone. Many say this is their favorite product.


Tom, as he asked me to call him by his first name, went viral in March 2020 with a 9 minute video. He said that we produce a virus ourselves, it is our adaptive system. Viruses are dead proteins, so there is nothing flying around to kill people.
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A SMART Meter is your new Gas & Electric meter that is now a two-way router. The Gas & Electric companies have cut thousands of jobs and saved millions on not having someone go check your usage. Instead, this SMART meter reads every device in your home and reports it back to the Gas & Electric company every 7-15 seconds with millimeter waves.
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Yes, if you haven’t already, we will see signs of health challenges and cognitive imbalances with our kids being exposed to such high levels of EMF. The cumulative levels are where it gets elevated to an entirely whole new concern.
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Where is your home SMART Meter located in reference to you or your kid's beds? Do your neighbor's SMART Meter line up with the head of your bed or your child’s bed?
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